Anthonym (dionysian06) wrote,

Introductory LJ post (blagging)

Funny that LJ spell check doesn't recognize the words "blog" and "blogging" and offers words like "blag" and "slog" instead:


bog, log, blag, bloc, biog, bldg, blow, blob, blot, clog, flog, slog


blagging, bogging, logging, clogging, flogging, slogging, blocking, bulging, boggling, belonging, bagging, begging, bugging, lagging, legging, lugging

n. Caribbean
Informal talk, usually among men, occurring in a public place: “the street corner, the rum shop, the crossroads, wherever hanging out, or... blagging, takes place” (Roger D. Abrahams).

[From French blaguer, to talk through one's hat, from blague, bladder, pouch, of Germanic origin, ultimately from Latin bulga, leather bag. See bulge.]

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